All Seasons Holidays - Lefkada
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All Seasons Holidays - Lefkada



Lefkada also known as Lefkas is the fourth largest island of seven, known as the Ionian Islands. It is divided from the mainland of Greece by a narrow causeway through which runs a canal, by the ferry bridge, called ‘Santa Mavra’.

The island is mountainous and the highest point is Elati (1.158 m) in the Stavrota Mountains. From this point on a clear day it is possible to see Corfu to the north and Kefalonia and Ithaka to the south.

Lefkas is one of the least commercialized Ionian Islands. It manages to retain its own individuality and identity. Tourism is confined to a few select resorts leaving many unspoilt places waiting to be explored. Tourism amounts to a large percentage of the island’s income; however, it is not its’ only source as it produces exquisite local wine, olive oil, salami, nougat and honey.

The people of Lefkas respect and cherish their customs and traditions and this is clearly illustrated in mountain villages with the traditional of style dresses, women still wear just like in the old times. Tradition becomes even more apparent during festival times and religious occasions.

The locals work hard to keep their traditions alive by teaching old songs and dances to the young.



This picturesque island is just opposite to the resort of Nidri. A seafaring island with many men away at sea for months in end. The small island with the three villages, Vathi, Katomeri & Spartochori is famous for the Papanikolis Cave. After the Greeks surrendered to Germany the submarine, called Papanikolis, hid in the Cave and carried out operations against the occupying forces. Here you will find traditional architecture and friendly people.


This is the nearest island to Nidri. It is just a small distance from the coast of Lefkas. The island is privately owned and it is prohibited to land.


Again, privately owned and landing is not allowed. This island lies about 3 miles from Nidri and it is famous for some of the happiest and tragic times in the life of the Onassis family, the owners of the island.


Lefkas has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. The sea is a beautiful, transparent blue, which contrasts and compliments the rugged bays. When you are off exploring, don’t forget to take your camera and tow.

Porto Katsiki

Out on the peninsula of the west coast, accessible by road and by boat, the high white cliffs topped by vivid green make a superb background for the golden blue, shale/shingle shoreline and the shimmering azure blue sea. If you drive to Porto Katsiki, there are steep steps down to the beach.


This is one of the largest beaches of Lefkas. As you make your descent, stop and take in the golden sands and sparkling sea. A romantic spot – a perfect place to watch the sun set.

Agios Nikitas / Pefkoulia

Standing at the end of Pefkoulia, the panoramic view is magnificent! Pefkoulia is a 4 km sweeping bay that finishes at the charming little resort of Agios Nikitas.

Mikros Gialos

A magical place, partially hidden from the road and particularly suited for snorkeling and bathing. It is a large semi-circular bay with a few shops and tavernas nearby.

All Seasons Holidays - Lefkada